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Announcing the Winners of the Ukrainian Businesses in Action Grant

Ukrainian Businesses in Action: EFSE DF and GGF TAF support 24 SMEs and greentech enterprises in Ukraine with almost €1,000,000 grants in total!

The European Fund for Southeast Europe’s Development Facility (EFSE DF) and the Green for Growth Fund’s Technical Assistance Facility (GGF TAF) provided needed funding to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and greentech enterprises in Ukraine. The project is being implemented by the international consulting company CIVITTA. The grant support amounting to nearly €1,000,000 will be used for:

  1. Inputs or equipment required for adjusting production or operations to the new realities of doing business in wartime conditions
  2. Innovations, technology-related and other services that contribute to the development of the enterprise
  3. In exceptional cases, grants will in part cover operating costs incurred by enterprises, to finance expenses of crucial importance to the business, ensuring the continuous activity of the enterprise

Over 600 grant applications were initiated and 322 were submitted. 24 selected businesses will receive grant support of up to EUR 50,000, which will help them sustain operations, enhance resilience also increase competitiveness. These include 17 Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with high employment, impact and income creation potential and 7 greentech enterprises that provide innovative solutions in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and resource efficiency.

The «UKRAINIAN BUSINESSES IN ACTION» program winners are:


  • SPELL is a renowned Ukrainian craft manufacturer of chocolate products, celebrated for its exceptional recipes.  The project will facilitate the company's growth by diversifying its product range and venturing into the European export market.


  • GREHORI pivots the production of clothes and textiles for the hotel and restaurant industry.  The project will support creating a product that reduces electricity consumption for ironing beds using natural resources, saving operational costs for clients.


  • TIRAS-12 is a reputable company that specializes in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge professional security systems. The project will facilitate the successful launch of a new product, which holds significant potential for future export to international markets.


  • BELTIMPORT is a prominent market leader engaged in the import, distribution, and production of conveyor elements, commanding an impressive 12% market share. With an extensive presence in Ukraine through its five branches, the company boasts active contracts with nearly 120 manufacturers, primarily from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the USA. ​​The project will support expanding the company’s service line to ensure the independence and stability of production.


  • UTERM UKRAINE, a manufacturer of steel heating radiators, has been operating in the market of steel panel radiators since 2013. For six years, the company has become a national leader in the manufacture of heating appliances, and it exports its products to 22 countries. The project will support modernizing production in a new location.


  • KULYKIVSKE MOLOKO is a manufacturer of dairy products (cheese, milk, butter, skimmed milk powder, yogurt, etc.) and is among the top 3 largest enterprises of the Chernihiv region in terms of the amount of processed dairy raw materials. The project will support increasing the company's energy efficiency through production modernization.


  • GP AGRO is a company specializing in the processing of berries at a high technological level (freezing) and sale to high-end markets. All the products are exported to the EU companies. The project will support increasing company efficiency by dividing the processes of freezing and processing.


  • INSIGHT + is a corporate and protective clothing producer. The company has a full production cycle. The project will support optimizing the production process and improve working conditions. The project will support optimizing the production processes and improve working conditions.


  • UKRLED, creates alloy products with modern technologies of aluminium smelting. The company has been on the Ukrainian market for 8 years and is a mature regional player: it operates a full production cycle, from machining and casting to extrusion and coating. The project will support the launching of a new production line in a new company location.


  • VANDRA RUGS is a weaving studio, that produces handmade carpets from natural materials for designers and architects. The project will support starting a new business line of the company – tufting, and expanding the assortment of manufactured goods.


  • RUBIZHNE HOSIERY FACTORY is a manufacturer of hosiery products for its own trademark and popular Ukrainian brands (Dodo Socks, Griffon Socks, etc.). Was in the TOP 5 Ukrainian hosiery manufacturers before February 2022. The project will support restoring the production of women’s tights which accounted for 30+% of the company's total sales volume to preserve the market share.


  • CITIUS S is a producer of triplex safety glass for cars, agricultural machinery, collection vehicles, etc, and plastic production for specialized transport (ambulances). The project will support accelerating the recovery of production.


  • POLISSIYA is an agricultural company, with main activities – the cultivation of grain crops (except rice), legumes, and oilseeds, as well as milk production.

The project will support modernizing the dairy farming business line by purchasing new equipment and repairing cowsheds.

  • AEROMEH is a unique agriculture equipment manufacturer which grain cleaning equipment, namely the SAD brand aerodynamic separator in many modifications and related equipment The leader on the market in the premium segment of agricultural machines and is exported to 64 countries. The project will support the creation of a new product model to accelerate the recovery of the relocated business.


  • PROMDEX-UKRAINE, a producer of water treatment systems. The company exports to Kazakhstan and Moldova. In Ukraine, the company's products occupy about 20% of the market. The project will support the launching of a new production line to accelerate production recovery.


  • CHERVONA HVILYA is a large developer and producer of electron beam technologies and industrial equipment for the production of precious metals and has a patented xBeam 3D Metal Printing technology. The project will support further development of the company’s products to improve the position of the business in the market.


  • NEVERDARK is an innovative production company that develops and manufactures smart fireplaces for apartments. The project will support scaling and modernizing the existing products in order to satisfy the existing demand which exceeds the production volumes.




  • RELEAF PAPER is a circular economy innovator that produces paper from fallen leaves, producing products with a lower environmental footprint than traditional alternatives. The project will support FSC certification and associated marketing in support of the company’s expansion into the EU.


  • ECOLA is a market-leading, circular economy technology company that is leading the fight against waste and pollution by improving waste sorting and recycling. The project will support upgrades to the company’s flagship application that will boost usability and strengthen its product offering.


  • GO TO-U UKRAINE, the market leader in EV charging management systems. In the context of insecurity stemming from the war, the project will support the upgrading of the company’s IT security in order to onboard and respond to the needs of new clients.


  • SUNSAY ENERGY is an installer of engineering solutions for solar power plants.

The project will enhance business processes and operational efficiency through investment in an Enterprise Resource Planning system. This will allow the company to better respond to the rebuilding and energy needs of the country.


  • DELFAST is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, eco-friendly electric bikes.

The project will support Delfast to invest in the production line of a new e-bike model that can be exported to the EU and open up a sizeable new market for the company.


  • PRANA PLATINUM is a developer of energy-efficient supply and exhaust ventilation systems. The project goal is to create a high-tech R&D center that would enable the development of new products as well as the advancement of the current ones.


  • GARDARIKA TRES is a manufacturer, and distributor of agricultural equipment, precision farming systems, and agro-navigation that reduce costs and improve efficiency. The project will support the business continuity and resilience of the firm, as well as enhancing its product offerings and positioning in the market.


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The EFSE DF, GGF TAF, and CIVITTA are proud to support the winners of the program and wish them continued success in their endeavours. The program partners are committed to support the development and growth of SMEs and greentech enterprises in Ukraine, contributing to the country's economic and environmental sustainability.

«UKRAINIAN BUSINESSES IN ACTION» is a grant support project for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and greentech enterprises, implemented by the Development Program of the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE DF), the Technical Assistance Program of the Green for Growth Fund (GGF TAF) and the international consulting company CIVITTA. The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union as part of the EU4Business initiative.

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