CIVITTA is one of the leading consulting companies preparing cities, countries and regions for the 2021-2027 programming period

CIVITTA is one of the leading consulting companies preparing cities, counties and regions for the 2021-2027 programming period

With over 10 local and regional development projects contracted in Q4 2020, CIVITTA Romania extended its portfolio on Integrated Urban Development, Smart Cities, Administrative Capacity Development, Urban Mobility and Territorial Planning with new clients in Central and Southern Romania, while also consolidating its presence in the North-West and East regions. Hence, CIVITTA is one of the leading consulting companies preparing cities, counties, and regions for the 2021-2027 programming period, relying on a strong team split between Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. 

The scale and complexity of the projects has also been increasing. The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Cluj-Napoca and its metropolitan area is a key project in this sense, as Cluj-Napoca is arguably the most innovative administration in the country, with great visibility and ambitions. Combined with follow-up activities on the Regional Strategy for Smart Cities and Urban Mobility in the North-West Region and international knowledge exchanges on mobility (Interreg TRAM) and innovation (Interreg IMPROVE), it places CIvitta at the heart of urban and regional innovation in Romania. This is also supported by the latest smart city strategies (Medias, Constanta etc.), including the development of the first Smart District Strategy in the country (Iasi), metropolitan planning (Bacau), strategic planning packages (integrated urban development and/or urban mobility and/or institutional planning, e.g. Arad, Rosiori, Sighisoara) and county development – with Timis county aiming to develop an innovative smart and resilient county strategy. Moreover, with the contracting of its third Territorial Development Plan (Braila County), CIVITTA Romania became a relevant player in the urban and territorial planning and design market, a market usually reserved to architecture and urban design offices.  

Territorial coverage of current and recent projects in local and regional development

CIVITTA’s expertise in urban and metropolitan planning was synthesized and capitalized in the Methodology for the Elaboration of the Periurban / Metropolitan Territorial Development Strategies, developed for the Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration, which we hope to inform the next generation of integrated urban strategies, as well as the first Urban Policy of Romania, currently under development. 

We look forward to 2021!


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