More than 200 people helped Bratislava to address the climate challenges

More than 200 people helped Bratislava to address the climate challenges

Climathon engaged 27 teams from all over Slovakia and abroad, which were composed of data analysts, programmers, designers and innovators. For 48 hours, they worked with real data, which, in addition to the city of Bratislava, was also provided by IBL Software Engineering. During the whole event, experts from the city of Bratislava were also available for participants in the role of mentors.   

The main theme of this event was how to make Bratislava a resilient and sustainable city, which is livable for its inhabitants. The negative consequences of climate change, which are increasingly being felt, are the reason that it is a priority for Bratislava to streamline the functioning of urban infrastructure and create services that support urban climate resilience. "Slovakia used to be an economic tiger. We have not made full use of this opportunity. However, we can become an innovative and climate tiger. Ideas and teams from Climathon set the base of new solutions for both Bratislava and Slovakia," explains Petra Dzurovčinová, The Chief Innovation Offices in Bratislava.   

"This year, innovators from all over Slovakia, but also from the Czech Republic, Hungary and the UK participated in Climathon. We are pleased that many of the projects created at this innovative event are continuing and establishing cooperation with the city. And some of them may also become independent start-ups," says Michal Laco, partner at innovation consultancy CIVITTA.   

The winning team, who chose the name Acropolis, came up with an idea to optimize and improve the city's response to extreme weather events, such as torrential rains or floods. 

The main partner of Bratislava's Climathon was the reinsurance company Swiss Re. "Climate change affects every single one of us. We are glad that for the third year in a row we were able to cooperate with the capital Bratislava and support Climathon. Climathon's goals are in line with our mission to make the world more resilient. The participants of this year's Climathon were able to create useful and especially implementable solutions and for the second time showed that Bratislava is a city of innovation," says Nima Motazed, Executive Director of Swiss Re Slovensko. 

Climathon is part of a global initiative. It was organized by the City of Bratislava together with innovation consulting company Civitta, main partner Swiss Re, partners IBL Software Engineering, Takeda Innovation Center and community partner HubHub.  


Best solutions:    

1st place and reward 5,000 EUR  

The winning Acropolis team came up with an idea to optimise and improve the city's response to extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall or flooding.  

2nd place and reward 3,000 EUR  

A group of innovators called Dapper offered a solution to optimize road maintenance using critical infrastructure identification.  

3rd place and prize 2,000 EUR  

The team Drevokocur presented a solution to make public transport more efficient by identifying the routes that people use most often.  


For more information, you can contact:  

Michal Laco, Civitta, event organizer  

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Innovation team of the city of Bratislava, organizer of the event  

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