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Veronika Tikhonchuk: Opportunities for growth at Civitta are unlimited

By Veronika Tikhonchuk, Project Manager at CIVITTA 

I started working as a Junior Analyst at CIVITTA Belarus in September 2013, when I was in my final year of university. At that time, I had no experience, but I did have a great desire to learn and to work in consulting. And CIVITTA creates a great environment for growth and personal development by surrounding employees with highly motivated, ambitious, smart people, who are eager to grow and share their experience.

For more than 3 years that I have worked at CIVITTA I have gained diverse experience. I have come across various industries: food, fashion retail, real estate, energy sector, information technology, healthcare, construction, toy production, education etc. I have worked on projects related to market research, company diagnostics, development of strategies for expansion in the national and foreign markets; improvement of the atmosphere within the company. And there were never two similar projects: each company had a unique background and specific goals.

Moreover, it is not only about industries and skills: the international reach of the company allows you to broaden the horizon by traveling to other countries, experiencing different ways of life, communicating with people from different cultures, dealing with different management styles and ways of doing business. It helps develop tolerance and flexibility.

We work with businesses and the public sector, dealing with the challenges that private companies and whole countries face. This year I have been involved in a large socially valuable project in Moldova in general education sector. The project deals with the development of a new remuneration system for employees in general education and intends to ensure structural changes and sustainable development of the country.

This winter I got another adventurous opportunity to coordinate the organization of a large event in marketing and branding in Belarus, Brand of the Year, which recognizes and rewards achievements of the most successful companies in the Belarusian market. This was already the 16th event of such kind, so the expectations were very high, and I had a chance to see the event management from the inside.

What I value the most in CIVITTA is that the opportunities for growth are unlimited, and even after three years in one company, there is always a chance to learn something new, get new experience and try a new role!

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