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Your brand?

Proper Employer brand diagnostics

  • Context is King
  • Real-deal respondents
  • Advanced analytics over tricky questions

Context is King

Anyone might be the biggest fish. If measured in an aquarium. Same applies to Employer brand research – it’s all about perspective. And this is the biggest study of its kind. Big enough to show you who you’re really competing with. Big enough to provide you with accurate measures.

Real-deal respondents

Hiring the staff that is bigger than us is what’s making empires.

So why build an employer brand for the average survey enthusiast? Forget aiming for the crowd.

We laser focus on specialists you are after.

Advanced analytics over tricky questions

We don’t force respondents into difficult career dilemmas. Questions like prioritizing salary over development is a trap that too many researchers fall in. And surveys should not be that hard.

Instead of tricky questions we analyze company preferences and discern actual effect of each brand attribute.



Employer traits that current, former, and potential employees care about.



From traditional corporations to startups. Diverse mix to provide context and measure precise attribute effect on talent attraction.



Not your average survey fans – all level specialists working in business, product management, data, IT, marketing, customer service and other relevant fields.

Solid intel on

Your audience’s secret sauce

Companies, environment, and channels they prefer

Your place in the arena

Your stance among competitors, brand stature and vitality

Your company’s image

Your reputation in talent market (what do they say behind your back?)


Brands to study – their strong traits and 1000 ways to defeat them

Your winning hand

Your strengths and opportunities, main focal points for enhancing your employer brand

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