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We deliver robust sustainability expertise, from impact assessment to compliance and reporting. Our mission: Empowering organizations of all sizes and sectors, from local businesses to global leaders, to accelerate their sustainability journey with purpose and efficiency.

About service:

  • Quantifying Impact
  • ESG Analytics
  • Sustainability Strategy Setting
  • Reporting, Compliance & Certification

Quantifying Impact

  • Assessing organizational carbon footprint
  • Evaluating GHG emissions for products, services, and investments
  • Lifecycle assessment (LCA) – Attributional and consequential
  • Identifying avoided impacts

ESG Analytics

  • ESG diagnostics and research
  • ESG due diligence
  • Double-materiality assessment
  • Climate-proofing analysis
  • ‘Do no significant harm’ (DNSH) evaluation
  • Diversity and equality audits

Sustainability Strategy Setting

  • Developing ESG strategies and policies
  • Creating roadmaps for climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Formulating diversity and equality strategies and action plans
  • Building sustainable financial models
  • Conducting training and seminars

Reporting, Compliance & Certification

  • Ensuring sustainability regulatory compliance and reporting (e.g., SFDR, CSRD, EU Taxonomy)
  • Developing monitoring and reporting systems
  • Compiling annual sustainability reports, from content to design
  • Providing support for GRI reporting
  • Assisting with environmental product declarations (EPD)

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