Across diverse industries, we draw upon our wealth of experience as consultants, entrepreneurs, and hands-on practitioners, uniting our skills to drive enduring transformation across the board.

Agriculture & bioeconomy

In this era of sustainable transformation to combat climate challenges and meet the growing demand for nature-origin resources, we at Civitta stand as a strategic ally for success for agricultural and bioeconomy companies and organizations.

Our expertise guides you through disruptive innovation, R&D projects, sustainable business strategies, and digital efficiency tools. We don’t just navigate challenges; we turn them into growth opportunities, positioning your business at the forefront of sustainable change.

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Construction & real estate

We provide expertise to help businesses navigate the complex construction and real estate industry landscape.

Our comprehensive services empower clients to enhance their operations, optimize digital technologies, handle transaction risks, and make well-informed strategic decisions aimed at sustainable growth and success in this competitive sector.

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E-commerce, retail & consumer

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of e-commerce, retail and consumer product markets, we offer tailored strategies, digital solutions,

and expert guidance to help businesses thrive in the fast-paced, consumer-driven digital landscape.

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Education & science

In the field of education and science, Civitta has worked with a wide range of institutions and disciplines, including formal education settings like schools and universities, as well as pioneering research initiatives.

Drawing on a rich history of successful projects in this domain, we can assist you in crafting effective strategies, offering digital solutions, facilitating funding acquisition, and spearheading innovation and change management processes.

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Energy & utilities

The field of energy and utilities is going through a significant shift as society strives to reduce its impact on climate. Both challenges and opportunities arise for businesses in the industry, and we’re here to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Our team of experts can help identify new business opportunities, develop strategic plans, and provide support throughout the entire process, from planning to financing and execution.

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Financial services

Our highly collaborative approach aims to assist clients in defining strategic ambitions and understanding client segments and preferences. We provide services such as offering relevant product bundles, optimizing sales and processes, developing digital platforms, and implementing cost reduction strategies.

These efforts target optimal digital customer journeys and aim to boost customer loyalty. Our expertise extends to working with companies across the full spectrum of financial services.

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Healthcare & social

In an age where health awareness is growing, and as demographics shift, the healthcare industry is transforming. The change is towards personalized medicine, telehealth solutions, and preventive care. We use our expertise to guide governmental health units in shaping policies and strategies, and assist pharmaceutical companies in strategic planning, digital transformations, and operational improvements.

Our support extends to healthcare and social care institutions, helping them create smart plans and find cost-effective solutions.

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Industrial manufacturing

With the integration of advanced technologies, industrial manufacturing is undergoing a transformative evolution towards greater efficiency, customization, and sustainability.

Our experienced teams assist clients in adapting to the rapid changes of the industry through strategy setting, market intelligence, funding acquisition and sustainable development.

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Mobility & infrastructure

With the increasing focus on sustainability and technological advancements, we are experiencing a shift towards electric and autonomous vehicles, smart traffic management systems, and interconnected urban planning. At Civitta, our accomplished experts have delivered urban planning projects for numerous European cities.

Our partnerships within the private sector also include collaborations with leading freight and logistics enterprises on leveraging strategic opportunities and digital solutions.

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Private equity & venture capital

We provide strategic support for private equity and venture capital initiatives, offering tailored solutions for optimized growth. From crafting compelling investor materials and developing robust expansion strategies to guiding transactions, our team ensures comprehensive support the whole way through.

We’re here to make your porfolio grow.

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Public sector & NGOs

Governments and public organizations are navigating economic and social dynamics as they work towards creating positive change in society. At Civitta, we offer solutions such as shaping public policies, building public trust and improving public sentiment, applying lessons learned, and engaging with leaders.

Our collaborative approach transforms strategy into reality, for the well-being of people in and beyond our home markets.

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Telecommunications, media & technology

The telecommunications, media, and technology (TMT) sector is at the heart of every economy, delivering vital products, services and infrastructure for industries.

Our experts are here to help clients optimize and accelerate business growth, offering services such as strategy design, business plan development, pricing optimization, customer retention, network planning and creating digital tools for the business.

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