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Cities & infrastructure development

We collaborate closely with public sector clients and international donors to enhance infrastructure and promote sustainability within our urban environments. We advise clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors, support policy and strategy development, improve operational efficiency, and guide investment project planning and execution. Our mission is to help you build a more sustainable and resilient future for cities worldwide.

About service:

  • Urban & territorial development
  • Sustainable development
  • Transport & Infrastructure development
  • Energy sector services

Urban & territorial development

  • Crafting integrated urban development strategies
  • Applied research on territorial issues and territorial analysis
  • Formulating territorial development strategies and plans
  • Urban planning, renewal and design
  • Developing smart specialization strategies
  • Creation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)
  • Providing action planning and knowledge exchange support for territorial cooperation projects (INTERREG, URBACT, etc.)
  • Development of guidelines and regulations for cultural heritage conservation
  • Strategic planning for tourism and culture

Sustainable development

  • Designing policies for responding to climate change, environmental issues and socio-economic transition
  • Environmental impact assessment, carbon footprint assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Research and development of circular economy strategies and policies
  • Establishment of environmental management plans
  • Research, strategy development, and policy-making for labor, employment and migration
  • Formulation of policies for gender rights and equality

Transport & Infrastructure development

  • Conducting road safety studies and traffic analysis
  • Performing e-mobility studies for public transport
  • Creation of feasibility studies and business plans for infrastructure and transport projects
  • Project management and support for project implementation (PIU)

Energy sector services

  • Conducting decarbonization feasibility studies
  • Business modeling across the energy value chain for energy infrastructure and services
  • Project management and support for project implementation (PIU)

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