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We specialize in providing organizations with customized strategic insights, blending qualitative and quantitative research for optimized growth. Whether you’re a for-profit, non-profit, or an NGO, we’re your trusted source for intelligence that fuels success. From brand development, go-to-market strategies, to product launches, our tailored research and consulting services are here to accompany your organization’s next market expansion.

About service:

  • Brand analytics & customer intelligence
  • Market & consumer insights
  • Product, pricing & communication testing
  • Organization & employee studies
  • Social research & public affairs
  • Data-driven support

Brand analytics & customer intelligence

  • Assessment of brand health and equity
  • Brand image and positioning analysis
  • Setting up and optimizing brand performance trackers
  • Analyzing customer segments and calculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Mapping customer journeys, evaluating experiences, defining KPIs
  • Brand loyalty and satisfaction analysis, optimization of loyalty programs

Market & consumer insights

  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • In-depth exploration of consumer trends, attitudes, needs and behaviors
  • Creation of buyer and consumer journey maps
  • Profiling target audiences through segmentation

Product, pricing & communication testing

  • Product, pricing & communication testing
  • Assessment of price elasticity and optimization of offers
  • Optimizing product portfolios
  • Conducting UX/UI research
  • Testing creative elements, advertisements and messaging
  • Assessment of marketing campaign effectiveness

Organization & employee studies

  • Corporate reputation diagnostics
  • Research into employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Analyzing employer brand perception
  • Conducting stakeholder research
  • Employer brand study

Social research & public affairs

  • Conducting public opinion research
  • Providing data-driven insights for public policies
  • Conducting social and cultural research
  • Performing research in public affairs and politics

Data-driven support

  • Application of advanced statistical and quantitative methods for deeper insights
  • Gathering and linking extensive datasets
  • Development of customized dashboards and KPI reports
  • Auditing data quality

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