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Public policy

We employ a blend of qualitative and quantitative research methods to accompany public organizations in search of the world’s best practices. Our approach involves gauging social change and impact, constructing projection tools, conducting experiments, and performing cost-benefit analyses. Our mission: Impactful decision-making on all levels of public governance.

About service:

  • Policy research
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation & impact assessment

Policy research

  • Evaluating the impact and quality of public services
  • Analyzing diverse stakeholders and incorporating best global practices
  • Examining normative public policy documents
  • Crafting policy recommendations


  • Creating models and indicators for monitoring direct and indirect impact
  • Performing cost-benefit analyses and forecast modeling
  • Developing socio-economic impact models
  • Monitoring the effects of new regulations and policies

Evaluation & impact assessment

  • Conducting ex-ante evaluations
  • Carrying out mid-term and intermediate evaluations
  • Performing ex-post evaluations to assess past actions and decisions

Team members