Our locations

We have expanded our team of experienced and passionate people working in many countries around the world.


Both our offices are conveniently located in the city centres of Tallinn and Tartu. Upon arrival, you will be greeted and inspired by a cosy atmosphere and art-filled walls, which foster our spirit of creativity and productivity.


Three pillars, three cities, three offices. Three places filled with talent, intellectual curiosity and dogs. Mostly dogs, though.


Our workplace resides in the heart of the Old Town, where the fusion of modern work culture and historic charm inspires us daily.

  • SIA Civitta Latvija
  • VAT 40103391513


Helsinki may be the coldest of the Nordic capitals, but that won’t stop us from giving you a warm welcome in our office.



Our Swedish team works from a sophisticated co-working space in Stockholm with a stunning view from the rooftop terrace and smart interior design.


Our Copenhagen office is in a modern and charming neighbourhood, providing a picturesque setting for creativity and collaboration.


For some, these may be just dots on the map. For us, they represent much more: three workspaces that foster unique talents and respect our employees’ diverse needs.


When visiting our Slovakian offices, prepare for a sugar rush. We are never short of sweets and snacks.


With a proactive and innovative vision, we embrace a spirit of collaboration and dedication, creating a culture that encourages diversity of ideas and continuous development.

  • Civitta Strategy & Consulting S.A.
  • VAT RO19861729


If you’re looking for our office, it’s in the centre of Chisinau. Just follow the smell of delicious coffee, and you’ll find us! Yeah, we are big fans of coffee here.


  • Civitta Consulting d.o.o. Beograd
  • VAT 101821905


North Macedonia

Here, in the heart of Western Balkans, we thrive on a dynamic blend of professional excellence and cultural richness, contributing to regional growth across the Public and Private sectors.


Our workspace is a source of inspiration and collaboration, bringing our team together to share diverse perspectives and ideas, resulting in a dynamic and creative consulting hub.


Surrounded by the hum of business centres and the energy of bustling shops, our office stands in the heart of Tbilisi, reflecting the lively atmosphere of Georgia’s capital.