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We’re your go-to source for funding know-how, covering all the bases from local to global opportunities. Whether you’re a public entity, non-profit, corporation, or in the world of research, we’ve got you covered. Leverage our two decades of funding wisdom to boost your team’s proposal-writing and management skills to the next level. Your funding journey just got a whole lot smoother.

About service:

  • Mapping funding opportunities
  • Proposal writing
  • Coordinating project implementation
  • Reporting
  • Training

Mapping funding opportunities

  • Scouting for local and international grant opportunities
  • Matching client ideas with relevant funding opportunities
  • Competitiveness assessment for project ideas Setting up funding strategies

Proposal writing

  • Developing project idea and scope
  • Consortium design and partner search
  • Guidance on proposal writing processes
  • Developing proposal content and budget
  • Providing support until the grant agreement is signed

Coordinating project implementation

  • Project consortium management
  • Managing communications with grant authorities
  • Ensuring quality control and risk management


  • Providing legal advice and carrying out procurements
  • Preparing financial and technical reports
  • Advice on conflict resolution with grant authorities


  • Training on how to identify funding opportunities
  • Project design and consortium development training
  • Hands-on training for proposal writing (tailored to various funding measures)
  • Consortium, project management and financial reporting training

Global funding opportunities

Team members