Last (Open) Call to lead your manufacturing SME to efficiency with ADMA Trans4mers

If you’re an SME with up to 250 employees and active in the manufacturing sector, do continue to read this article.

The ADMA Trans4mers project, initiated in October 2021 to accelerate digital transformation among manufacturing SMEs across Europe, opens their last round of invitations to join a free-of-charge digital transformation program and the factories of the future.

Together with 26 partners from across Europe, Civitta as one of the leading consultancies in driving innovation and strategic development in Europe is set to actively enhance the uptake of innovative solutions, including more resilient and efficient systems development and management practices, among Estonian manufacturing industry that would ensure the long-term efficiency, resilience, sustainability and growth of the sector. To revolutionize SME practices, we lend a hand in capturing the digital maturity of companies, preparing a plan for its transformation, setting priorities according to its real needs and taking action with the support of an internationally operating mentor.

Participating SMEs will benefit from direct access to a short questionnaire that benchmarks the company among its European competitors on 7 areas of innovation, expert mentoring and consultation services on priority topics, empowering companies to implement smart technologies and management practices within their day-to-day operations. The project’s collaborative platform facilitates networking, ensuring SMEs can forge valuable industry connections and learn from best practices.

SMEs interested in these perks can apply for the ADMA Trans4mers program by going to the project website at

Deadline for registration is the 5th of June.

Contact for more information:
Liina Vaher
Associate Partner
[email protected]

ADMA Trans4mers is a Horizon Europe project, funded from the European Union’s H2020-2018-2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 101037866. Detailed information about the project partners can be found on the project website at