Building a cutting-edge technology for Delfi’s content management system



The background:

Delfi is the biggest online news portal in the Baltic states. Our client decided to renovate their whole “house” in 2019. In today’s market, the winner is the one who gets the news out first. 

So, our task was to build the content management system (CMS) for Delfi Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania with every part working swiftly, seamlessly, and quickly.

Aim of the project:

Delfi has over 600,000 monthly readers in Estonia, 850,000 in Latvia, and almost 1,4M monthly and 0,7M daily users in Lithuania. The Audience number that directly benefits from our work is significant by any measure – and so is the number of layers and details that come with such a complex project.

The architecture that underlies everything Delfi does and presents to the outside world is captivating. Together we have built cutting-edge technology for a system of micro-frontends.

In simple terms, all the individual components of the Delfi web and administrative system are separate applications. This allows you to make modifications in any part of the system without compromising the entire Delfi Universe. This approach was pioneered by Martin Fowler from ThoughtWorks, and we take great pride in having effectively incorporated his methodology into Delfi.

It is truly gratifying when someone appreciates your work, but this time, we had a genuine reason to take pride in our achievement. We were specifically chosen for this project due to our experience in developing successful and robust solutions for online media platforms. Practice indeed makes perfect.

Services provided:

  • System architecture.
  • API design.
  • Backend development.
  • Front-end development.
  • Custom CMS development.

Project result:

Delfi can now concentrate on its core strengths: delivering high-quality news swiftly and seamlessly to its readers, with the confidence that the underlying “engine” will endure for decades.

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