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CIVITTA is the leading consulting and research company in Central and Eastern Europe with the headquarters in Estonia. CIVITTA is helping to build up the team of ENISA.
Our client is a European Union agency dedicated to achieving a high common level of cybersecurity across Europe. ENISA also contributes to policy development and implementation, supports capacity building and preparedness, facilitates operational cooperation at Union level, enhances the trustworthiness of ICT products, services and processes by rolling out cybersecurity certification schemes, enables knowledge sharing, research, innovation and awareness raising, whilst developing cross-border communities and synergies. 
ENISA is located in Athens, Greece (the Agency’s official seat) with a branch office in Heraklion, Crete, Greece and a Local Office in Brussels, Belgium. Further information about ENISA is available on the ENISA website: https://www.enisa.europa.eu/
Working with talented colleagues from across Europe, a career at ENISA offers a diverse and stimulating working environment in a wide range of regulatory, communication, information technology (IT) and corporate support roles.
If you are interested in ENISA and find a position matching your profile from the list below, please feel free to send us your CV and a brief cover letter describing in what kind of a position you would be interested in using the link provided and we’ll keep you updated on the future opportunities.
THE POSSIBLE POSITIONS ARE: Junior/Senior Administrative Assistant, HR Specialist, Communications support specialist, Junior/Senior Lawyer, Paralegal assistant, Junior/Senior Financial Specialist, Junior/Senior Audit Specialist.
WE OFFER the opportunity to work in an international environment of a prestigious European Union public organisation with attractive above-standard salary conditions and career opportunities.
PLEASE NOTE all candidates should be EU citizens. Excellent English is a must.
In case of any questions, please contact us via career.enisa@civitta.com.


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