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CIVITTA opened an office in Finland in 2018 after recognizing a strong demand for transparent and high-quality management consultancy services from Nordic companies operating in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. CIVITTA Finland helps Nordic businesses grow in their home markets, offers support in market entry and business development in the Baltics and Eastern Europe, and provides sourcing services of data analysts and other problem-solving capabilities for organizations.

CIVITTA Finland consultants are experienced in high-value problem solving for various growth strategy needs, including data-driven business development, driving business transformation, improving operational performance and supporting in project delivery. CIVITTA’s experts in Finland see a lot of growth potential in professional services, as businesses struggle with digitalization and transformation. The demand for diverse, high-value support is strong. Data volumes are growing at a considerable pace, and CIVITTA believes that successful companies must seamlessly integrate data analytics with their strategy.

Finland is a Nordic country with around 5.5 million inhabitants and with a stable and predictable business, political and social environment. A member of the European Union and European Monetary Union, Finland is a home base for many leading global innovators in business and technology. In addition to its stability, Finland attracts businesses by a highly educated and internationally oriented workforce, as over 90% of under 30-year-old Finns speak English and around 40% have a college degree.

Finland holds top rank in dozens of international comparisons on environmental, social and economic well-being, safety, equality, education, livability and competitiveness, including topping the World Economic Forum’s The Europe 2020 Competitiveness Index and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s World Happiness Report 2018.

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Tuomas Virtanen
Strategy, Research, Implementation
Eero Vassinen
Project Manager
Strategy, Research, Implementation


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