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CIVITTA Serbia office opened in 2016. The office operations are based on services of its experienced analysts and consultants who provide advisory services to clients from both private and public sectors. Belgrade consulting team has worked on restructuring many of the state-owned and socially-owned enterprises in Serbia as well as public sector technical assistance projects.

More recently, the Serbian office of CIVITTA has been involved in market research and market entry studies for large private companies, startup ecosystem development and attraction of EU funding for private companies. Additionally, analysts from CIVITTA Serbia are active in serving CIVITTA’s clients abroad.

In recent years, Serbia has re-oriented its economy towards trade with EU and is a candidate for future EU membership. Serbia has grown into one of the premier investment locations in Central and Eastern Europe and is a gateway for business in the entire Western Balkan region for many companies. Serbia has attracted over 20 billion EUR in foreign direct investment, including from world-class companies and banks such as Fiat, Telenor, Stada, Michelin, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Gazprom, Intesa Sanpaolo, and Siemens.

After the stagnation of growth and the high unemployment rate, Serbian economy has transformed into the growing economy with low inflation, eliminated by fiscal deficits, declining public debt, a stable banking system and a recovery in the labour market in just a few years. The most important growth rates were recorded in the construction sector, agriculture, forestry and water management and the information and communication sector. The basis for further acceleration of economic activity should enable the continuation of structural reforms, as well as the increase in production activity in export-oriented economic activities, especially those that bear more added value.

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