5G business plan development for a telecom operator



The background:

Bitė is a converged telecom operator in the Baltic countries, offering mobile, fixed, and pay TV services. Despite the competitive nature of this industry where being a step ahead of the competition is crucial, the client needed a solid business plan to justify huge investments in 5G network coverage. We were invited to work closely with Bitė’s teams from product, sales, marketing, finance, and technical departments and assist in developing this plan.

Aim of the project:

Our objective was to create a comprehensive business plan with several key components. First, we conducted an analysis of the home internet market, including the identification of customer segments, estimation of segment sizes, and assessment of customer needs. The second part involved a detailed analysis of existing products and pricing, with our team providing recommendations for both. After that, we proceeded to develop the plan for marketing and sales and assessed both investment and operational costs. Finally, we crafted a business case that justified the necessary budget. 

This project was of great importance to Bitė as it represented a significant investment in network upgrades. Once approved, it opened new revenue streams, enhanced the customer experience, and solidified Bitė’s position as a triple-play provider in the market. 

For us, it was an opportunity to be a part of the project that introduced new technology into the market and improved the quality of life for everyone through internet connectivity. This technology benefits a wide range of users, from consumers to businesses, aligning with our mission to bring positive change.

Services provided:

  • Conducting analysis of the home internet market.
  • Segmentation and sizing of customer groups.
  • In-depth product and pricing analysis.
  • Development of a go-to-market plan.
  • Evaluation of investment and cost factors.
  • Creation of a financial business case.

Project result:

The results were highly promising. Bitė presented the business plan to the board, securing approval for the budget required to invest in 5G expansion. With the successful launch of the 5G network, the client achieved the business KPIs outlined in the business plan.