Breathing new life in old and forgotten district of Kaunas



The background:

YIT is one of the largest international real estate developers in the European market, with a huge project portfolio and a diverse range of cases. Their most recent one involved the property in Kaunas, Aleksotas district.

YIT wanted to establish a brand name, positioning, and image for this project, and that’s where we swooped in.

Aim of the project:

While this may seem to be a typical task for any marketing agency, YIT had to proceed with caution. A prior campaign left them with a bitter aftertaste when a little bit of innocent humor led to a long-lasting process of repairing their brand image. Naturally, this time they wanted to be very careful. Our challenge was rooted in finding the balance between a safe and creative approach.

Our journey began with the research. After multiple visits to Kaunas, explorations of the long-forgotten corners of Aleksotas, deep dives into the area’s history, and conversations with locals, we unearthed crucial details about the city and its district. Aleksotas truly stands as an exceptional part of Kaunas, with an incredible panoramic view from the top of Aleksotas’ Hill, a rich cultural heritage, and a unique appreciation for the arts.

Following numerous debates, workshops, and significant efforts, we came up with the communication concept strategy from twelve distinct perspectives. YIT plans to construct twelve new sections in the Aleksotas district including a central square. 

We made sure this district has a unique feel to it and gave each of the sections a different name, such as the Home of the Sun (most eastern region of the district), Home of the Flight (closest to very important historic Darius & Girenas airport), Home of Friends, Home of Stories, Home of Hills, and more. In essence, we discovered twelve diverse perspectives to see, feel, and explore Aleksotas through its culture, history, nature, people, freedom, and more. This is how the branding concept of “Matau Kauną” (I See Kaunas) was born.

As each apartment section in the district has a distinct perspective and all buildings will be built in a span of ten to twelve years, we needed a dynamic slogan that could adapt to all sections. And finally, the slogan “When I see my home, I see Kaunas” made its debut.

… When I see culture, I see Kaunas…

… When I see nature, I see Kaunas…

… When I see freedom, I see Kaunas…

Now YIT is nearing the completion of the first phase of the project. Nevertheless, there is still a long road ahead, which fills us with joy and pride. We play a part in a substantial transformation of Aleksotas. 

Unfortunately, Aleksotas has become a mere shadow of what it was and deserves to be. YIT decided to bring it back to its former glory, and now we are part of this exciting journey.

Services provided:

  • Positioning and branding.
  • Design of logo.
  • Digital campaigns.
  • Content creation for the blog and social media.
  • Concept development and coordination of Visitors’ Days.
  • Design and articles for the promotional magazine Matau Kauną.

Project result:

As the first apartment building is near completion, our collaboration with the client remains ongoing. We have noticed a growth in public interest. During a successful social media advertising campaign, we reached an average of 567 unique daily visitors to the Matau Kauną website. 

And you would not believe how happy we all were witnessing the purchase of the first apartment.