Development of a customer-focused strategy for B2C and B2B growth for multinational Telco company

The background:

Our client is a telecommunications company and network operator with a multinational presence spanning Nordic and Baltic countries. They wanted to develop a marketing strategy based on personalisation principles and embarked on a mission to gain a wide-angle understanding of B2C and B2B customers in the market. 

Consequently, they anticipated leveraging customer insights to customise brand positioning, service offerings and customer experience strategies tailored specifically to different customer segments. To do this, they approached us.

The essence of the project:

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, we have prepared a full-scale research strategy that helped us to understand the market from the consumer’s perspective and eventually define distinct consumer segments. 

We have conducted separate studies for B2C and B2B audiences, using tailored methodologies to address the specific requirements in both sectors. To enhance response rates, we used a combination of telephone and online surveys. It helped us to collect a large-scale set of responses.

Our segmentation analysis for B2C and B2B audiences identified key differentiating factors among segments. Our research determined that technological involvement, loyalty to service providers, price sensitivity, and sociographics emerge as the primary factors that effectively segment the market.

To further identify priority segments for our client, we evaluated multiple indicators regarding their attractiveness and the level of brand development within each one.

After gathering all the insights and recommendations, the project culminated in strategy sessions with the company’s key decision-makers and front-line staff. At that point, with a better understanding of B2C and B2B consumers, we outlined the strategic direction and the most necessary actions for segment development.

Services provided:

  • Preparing full-scale research strategy in the telecommunications industry.
  • Conducting separate studies for B2C and B2B audiences.
  • Analysing different segments.
  • Identifying priority segments for the client.
  • Working in strategy sessions with key decision-makers and front-line staff.
  • Outlining strategic direction and necessary actions for segment development.

Project result:

The segments identified and developed during the project became the basis of a customer-centric strategy in the client company. This strategy helped unify the internal vision of the company, provided a clear framework for service development and customer experience management, and established new standards.

The wide adoption of segment persona profiles in the company helped craft personalised strategies by providing a thorough understanding of different customer segments, their behaviour, relationship with the brand, critical contact situations, expectations for service providers at various customer journey milestones, risks of canceling services, and moments that matter the most.


Rūta Gaudiešienė

Expert Partner, Vilnius, Lithuania