E-construction platform is a solution to higher productivity in the construction industry


The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

The background:

The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications saw a massive problem in the country’s construction sector. The outdated work processes, weak collaboration among stakeholders at different stages of the building life cycle, poor information exchange, and the low level or absence of digital solutions kept the industry far from efficiency and productivity.

The Ministry’s goal was to increase the productivity of the Estonian construction sector by at least threefold and reach the EU average level by 2030. This is a long journey with many destinations, and we were invited to navigate it with the help of digital solutions.

Aim of the project:

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to bring a new digitalisation era in the public and private sectors. Our journey began in 2018 with a vision for the E-construction platform, which continues to redefine the landscape of industry innovation today.

So, what is the  E-construction platform? It is a modern digital solution that amplifies and enables the development of several important areas, from the planning stage to building maintenance. Its main goal is to allow Estonia to quickly initiate processes that would elevate the sector’s functioning and the quality of the living environment.

Our strategy is simple: we bridge the worlds of public and private services, making digitalisation not just an option but a compelling necessity. The E-construction platform fosters a seamless connection between the two sectors, promoting a more efficient and cost-effective way of doing business. Our approach is a well-orchestrated symphony that began with extensive research, meticulous planning and prototyping.

The key to our success was people. We’ve brought together consulting, research, analysis, construction, planning,  service design, and strategy experts, complemented by the specialised skills of business analysis, digital engineering, and civil engineering. External insights from the digital engineering and construction industry further enriched this powerhouse of knowledge. Having these diverse competencies in-house lets us focus on the ultimate goal: elevating Estonian construction sector productivity to at least the EU average.

Services provided:

Project result:

Our contributions have led to the development of Estonia’s E-construction platform and the country’s digital twin, which visualises all publicly accessible information related to the built environment. These achievements have become the cornerstone for the emergence of innovative services within this digital ecosystem.

As of 2023/24, our work is far from complete. We continue to gather data, assess digitalisation progress in the sector, and chart the course for the future.


Ander Ojandu

Head of People and Partner Development, Tartu, Estonia