International growth support for a premium wine cooler producer



The background:

Our client is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality wine coolers based in Europe. It sells its products across multiple markets, typically through local partners who are vital in ensuring effective product promotion and delivery.

With existing sales in France, our client sought avenues to enhance their market presence, establishing new or supplementary partnerships, and sought our assistance.

The essence of the project:

At first, we conducted comprehensive research to gather market intelligence and analyse competitors’ presence across various sales channels. That provided valuable insights aiding our client’s strategic decision-making process.

Next, utilising a meticulous funnel approach, we identified four potential partners for our client. That involved narrowing down a list of 45 prospects by leveraging data from competitors’ websites, open data research, the several databases, and various business intelligence platforms. We prioritised partners based on their portfolio alignment, existing sales channels, appropriate revenue size, and geographical coverage, ensuring a well-suited match for our client. Recognising the importance of flexibility, we also proposed alternative distribution models as a contingency plan (Plan B) for our client’s consideration.

Finally, we assisted the client in facilitating introductory video meetings with the identified potential partners. This phase aimed to foster initial engagement and lay the groundwork for possible collaborations.

Services provided:

  •  Market intelligence collection
  • Partner identification and ensuring a well-suited match
  • Proposing alternative distribution models
  • Assisting in facilitating introductory video meetings with potential partners

Project result:

We managed to identify a shortlist of potential partners for our client based on detailed and rigorous research.