Provision of service staff to the Multimedia Centre Europa Experience in Tallinn


The European Parliament (EP)

The background:

Our client, the European Parliament (EP), runs the Europa Experience in 12 EU countries, including Tallinn. Centre’s visitors can discover how Europeans collaborate to address the EU’s most significant issues. Five years ago, before the Tallinn centre opened to the public, the EP sought a contractor to supply visitor experience facilitators who would greet guests and provide them with information about it. After winning the public tender, we have been delivering this service ever since.

Aim of the project:

The Europa Experience welcomes visitors interested in the EU every day. Visitors can explore interactive multimedia stations, get information about their countries’ EU representatives, and learn how they can influence decisions. Additionally, they can watch a movie about EU history and parliamentary democracy in a 360° cinema. If visitors come with a group, they are invited to participate in a role-playing game about EU decision-making.

The centre is open six days a week, and at least two of four employees must always be present. Our responsibility is to provide knowledgeable staff to introduce visitors to the Europa Experience and ensure a positive visiting experience.

The client is satisfied with our staff, and one employee has worked there full-time since the beginning. We fill the other three positions with part-time employees. 

Notably, we have gone beyond staff hiring by creating various ways to engage visitors and improve their experience at the multimedia centre. We helped the client develop worksheets with questions for student groups to encourage them to use different interactive tools in the exhibition and fully engage in the experience.

Services provided:

  • Creating job profiles and advertising job vacancies.
  • Proactively recruiting, training and employing the multimedia centre Europe Experience staff.
  • Providing ongoing support to employees to ensure their daily needs are met and any problems are resolved promptly.
  • Guaranteeing that there are no interruptions in the centre’s work and that the services are performed effectively.    
  • Developing worksheets for groups of students to enhance their visitor experience.

Project result:

Our contract with the client is still in effect, and they are satisfied with the staff we provide. Thanks to the centre’s captivating nature and our employees’ professionalism, Europa Experience’s attendance grows each year. In 2023, it welcomed 22,292 visitors. There were 193 groups (5018 participants), with 112 participating in the role-playing game.

When comparing the first five months of 2023 with the current year, 2024, we’ve seen an increase in visitors by 2518. The centre hosted 18 more groups, including four additional role-playing games.


Pille Kaldmaa

Partner, Tartu, Estonia

Triin Andresson

Partner, Tallinn, Estonia