Extending our presence in Southern Europe

Civitta has joined forces with Portuguese-based Gestluz Consultores, which will now operate under Civitta’s brand. Porto, Portugal, represents our 31st office, spread throughout 21 European and Asian countries, extending our presence in Southern Europe.


Gestluz Consultores, established in 1994, has gained a prominent reputation as one of the most esteemed innovation and funding consultancy companies in Portugal, designing and implementing innovative solutions for clients. The company has extensive experience and a proven track record in attracting public funds from EU and national state aid sources, as well as in designing and implementing projects in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness, science and technology transfer, and business development and capitalization.

Gestluz Consultores has also developed and implemented numerous projects and studies for territorial and organizational development in the public sector. Over the last years, the company has been involved in innovative projects with more than 1 billion euros of approved eligible investment.

With the addition of the Porto office, we aim to further enhance our expertise in the area of Innovation and Funding Advisory in Europe. We also seek to become the preferred choice for dynamically developing enterprises and public bodies seeking funding support for innovative projects and additional advisory and digital support.

We embark on this new chapter of extending our presence in Southern Europe, and our first step is Portugal. We would like to operate both in Porto and Lisbon and to provide Portuguese clients access not only to local funding and innovation services but also to tap into international projects and funding opportunities, growth strategies, digital services, and public sector advisory. Over the past few decades, Portugal has developed a vibrant innovation ecosystem, and we are looking forward to including our Portuguese experts in work abroad within the Civitta network  – says Adam Saulius Vaina, the founder of Civitta and the Group CEO.

As the founder of Gestluz Consultores, I view the future of our company, now Civitta, with great optimism, given the growth opportunities I can visualize for our clients, employees, and partners. This strategic expansion will further strengthen our ability to offer quality services to our clients.


The consolidated experience of our company, combined with the vast global expertise of the international consultancy, will result in even more comprehensive and effective solutions, continuing to prioritize the satisfaction and success of our clients, now with expanded resources and competencies. 

We deeply appreciate the trust you have placed in us over the years and look forward to continuing this journey of success, now as part of this exciting international collaboration. We are excited about the prospects for innovation and delivering even more impactful results together – says Ricardo Luz, the founder of Gestluz Consultores and now Partner at Civitta.