Press release: Civitta has joined forces with a web development company AZinec

Civitta, a prominent consulting and digital firm with a strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe and the Nordics, has entered into a strategic partnership with AZinec, a web development company. As a result of this merger, AZinec will now operate under the Civitta brand. This collaboration will expand Civitta’s footprint in Hungary and significantly enhance its visibility across Central and Eastern Europe.

About AZinec

AZinec, founded in 2014, has established itself as a trusted partner for numerous renowned companies seeking to build and enhance their digital offerings. With a focus on providing comprehensive web development solutions, AZinec has collaborated with industry leaders such as Lufthansa Systems, REWE, Terracycle, and Tangible. The company’s success is attributed to its talented team of professionals who possess the right experience and are passionate about their work. AZinec’s employees thrive in a collaborative environment, working together to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

Offering end-to-end solutions

“Recently, Civitta has stepped into a new stage, with all sister companies merging into one. The company rebranded and brought all sister companies, including the Lithuanian digital development company Mediapark and Estonian digital product studio Singleton, under one unified name and structure. This new stage marks an important new era of Civitta that also represents our new approach to business consulting and expanded possibilities for clients. The merger with AZinec reflects another exciting chapter for us as we expand our digital services capabilities, enabling us to do larger, more technologically advanced projects and offer experienced teams on hire. By combining our deep domain expertise in consulting and digital offerings with the web development and engineering prowess of AZinec, we can offer end-to-end solutions that drive innovation and business impact for our customers” – says Paulius Pelys, CEO of Digital at Civitta.

New opportunities

“Joining Civitta represents a significant opportunity for growth for our team, both professionally and personally. With our strengthened presence in the Central Europe region, we can deliver an even wider range of services to our clients. This strategic move not only broadens our market reach but also opens up numerous avenues for career advancement and skill development. Our team members will have the chance to engage with diverse projects, enhancing their expertise and professional network. The collaboration with new colleagues and exposure to varied industries will enhance our team’s experience and knowledge base. As we continue to expand, there will be increased opportunities for leadership roles and international assignments. This growth phase is an exciting time for all of us” – says Yuriy Rakovtsi, Co-founder and Business Developer at AZinec.

About Civitta

Civitta is an international consulting and digital company operating in over 20 countries, that brings together a dynamic team of 750+ professionals spread across 30+ offices. Established in 2013, it has its roots in the Baltic region. Through organic growth, mergers, and acquisitions Civitta now is covering the map in CEE and expanding towards the Nordics and Central Asia.