Cultivating distinction in a market: a comprehensive B2B client deep dive and brand study for a law firm

The background:

TGS Baltic is a highly regarded law firm specialising in commercial law and serving clients across the Baltic region.

With offices in all the Baltic countries, they are dedicated to delivering excellence and ensuring the success of their clients.

To establish a unified and distinctive corporate identity based on essential elements for client acquisition and satisfaction, TGS Baltic decided to investigate how clients navigate the legal services category, their expectations from lawyers, and the factors that significantly influence the consideration and long-term relationship with the company.

Aim of the project:

In the realm of B2B services, building and maintaining client relationships most of the time depends on client connection with a specific expert within the organisation. While this fosters a solid foundation of trust, differences in working styles can pose challenges to establishing a cohesive brand image and consistently meeting client expectations.

Therefore, TGS Baltic sought ways to develop common standards and a unified strategic direction to strengthen the brand’s appeal in the competitive field and increase client satisfaction.

To address this challenge, we developed a research strategy incorporating qualitative and quantitative research. That involved conducting in-depth discussions with key B2B clients of TGS Baltic and surveys with clients of both TGS Baltic and competing law firms. Our primary focus remained on individuals in key decision-making roles for their organisation’s legal affairs, including top-level company managers.

Services provided:

  • TGS Baltic brand strength, reputation, image, and destination categories compared to competitors.
  • Factors influencing law firm selection.
  • Factors affecting client satisfaction and recommendations.
  • TGS Baltic’s value differentiator analysis

Project result:

The project’s outcomes helped identify distinctions in factors influencing the choice and satisfaction with a law firm in the B2B sector and highlight the main unmet needs.

Drawing from the study’s findings, we formulated a set of strategic directives and core principles for TGS Baltic, which would further elevate the company’s standing within the realm of B2B clientele and guide it toward sustained growth.


Gintarė Kijauskaitė-Mosėnė

Associate Partner, Vilnius, Lithuania

Rūta Gaudiešienė

Expert Partner, Vilnius, Lithuania