Empowering Early Childhood Development with ECA’s Digital Platform



Report commissioned by ECA:

The Early Childhood Authority (ECA) of Abu Dhabi is committed to nurturing children’s well-being from pregnancy to eight years old. Teaming up with Civitta, they embarked on a mission to amplify their outreach through a digital platform consisting of a Governmental Site and a Parents Platform.

This collaboration was fueled by ECA’s dedication and Civitta’s technical expertise. The project began with understanding user needs and crafting a user-friendly design. We developed the platform from scratch, ensuring that its architecture catered to both governmental information dissemination and parental engagement.

At the core of this remarkable platform lies a robust and versatile Content Management System (CMS) that serves as the linchpin for ECA’s seamless data management. Our collaborative efforts spanned various key areas, encompassing Strategy and Research, UX/UI design, and the intricate web development component.


ECA’s (The Early Childhood Authority) mission is to assist in every way possible and nurture children’s wellbeing from pregnancy to 8 years of age. Although ECA is well respected in Abu Dhabi, they still needed to reach more parents – to make sure no child is left behind. 

This organization’s goals and ambitions immediately clicked with our team, so we embarked on our own mission – making sure that outreach is achieved.

Project highlights:

The platform’s practicality came to fruition through specialized CMS tools:

  • Page Editor Module: It empowers customization of content for effective messaging.
  • Article and Category Creation: Content is thoughtfully organized for easy access and navigation.
  • Contribution Request Management Module: This module streamlines communication with contributors and data collection.
  • Survey Tool: Stakeholder insights are gathered to drive informed decision-making.
  • Multi-step contact forms: Usually used in microsites that allow parents or caregivers to enroll in ECA’s programs.
  • Interactive Map: This module allows searching though numerous children related sites using various criteria.

Our contributions:

Once the project was completed, Civitta conducted comprehensive training sessions, ensuring that ECA’s team was confident in navigating the platform.

Our support extended beyond the launch date. Civitta remained by ECA’s side, addressing challenges, introducing new features, and ensuring the platform’s seamless operation.

As time progresses, the ECA platform’s impact continues to expand, making it a symbol of modernity and progress in the UAE. Its transformation into an emblematic platform can be attributed to its newfound status as the go-to resource for mothers seeking to enhance their children’s education.

By offering a comprehensive and accessible source of information and guidance on educational best practices, the platform has not only empowered mothers but has also contributed significantly to the broader goal of improving the quality of education in the country. This shift in perception has solidified the platform’s reputation as a beacon of educational enlightenment and a testament to ECA’s commitment to nurturing the next generation’s potential.

This partnership isn’t solely about technology; it’s about nurturing a brighter future. Experience the outcomes of this collaboration at ECA’s Website, where innovation merges seamlessly with practicality.