Revamping Lprint’s website to attract more customers



The background:

Lprint offers sustainable packaging (pouches) and labeling solutions to businesses of all sizes in an easy and convenient way with exceptional customer service. Despite their innovative business approach, their outdated website failed to fully showcase their capabilities and attract enough customers. 

Our primary objective was to revamp the Lprint website, enhancing its visual appeal and dynamism while staying true to the company’s values and making it as cool as our client is.

Aim of the project:

This project unfolded in two phases: the first involved the creation of a website focusing on Scandinavian customers, while the second one centered around developing the pouch builder platform. 

Working with one of the most proactive and positive clients was a real pleasure. Lprint placed complete trust in us and granted us creative freedom to propose innovative and contemporary solutions for their new website. However, this freedom came with the responsibility of not only meeting the client’s expectations but also being able to rock’n’roll.


This project stands as a true testament to collaboration. The involvement of a third-party agency from Poland in developing the technology for the pouch builder platform posed one of the most significant challenges. It required the combining of multiple technologies, the maintenance of effective communication among all three parties, and strict adherence to deadlines and quality standards at every phase of the project. Ultimately, our collective efforts led to a remarkable success.

Services provided:

  • Product and market research. Analysis of technical capabilities.
  • High-fidelity prototype. This aids in categorizing a wide array of products and services on the website, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. It also enhances clarity in guiding users through the steps to create customized labels in the pouch builder.
  • Design concept creation.
  • Unique illustrations and subtle animations.
  • WordPress theme development. We used the Gutenberg principle because of its foundational role in future projects. We have done WooCommerce integration for custom products along with pouch builder configuration.

Project result:

The website and pouch builder’s functionality enables our client to streamline and automate numerous processes related to pouch ordering. This saves them a significant amount of time and diminishes the likelihood of errors.

We take great pride in our creation of this modern, aesthetically pleasing website, and we are eager to showcase it to the world. This website clearly demonstrates the full spectrum of Lprint’s capabilities and offers unique printing services to its customers.