Helping Techemerge to solve the world’s most pressing challenges


World Bank

The background:

Techemerge is a mission-based organisation from the World Bank that accelerates the adoption of innovative technologies in emerging markets and developing countries (EMDC). We’ve worked with the World Bank before, and this was the second tender we won. 

Our main goal was to create a new platform that connects adopters with innovators, efficiently manages their selection process, and guides them to a pilot project stage

The essence of the project:

The chemistry clicked instantly between our team and the client representatives, and it helped us understand the problem even more. We knew from the get-go that this project was essential to improve people’s lives and, in some cases, save them. There are initiatives on TechEmerge that try to locate the epicentre of the earthquake (back-azimuth) in real-time, remotely diagnose heart abnormalities, use natural refrigerant systems with zero greenhouse gas emissions, and much more!

This project had two phases. First, we have developed a marketing website to inform and attract our audiences. It introduces leading project players, such as innovators, advisors, and adopters, and provides insights into focus areas, game-changing initiatives, and pilot projects with their results. In the second phase, we built the DSP platform to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, services, and business models. It organises and administers application, evaluation, selection, and matching processes. 

The deployment of each project phase followed strict security tests by the World Bank’s security team, and we had to follow numerous standards. This experience helped us increase our competitive know-how in navigating complex organisational security procedures. And we hope this will open doors for numerous opportunities to collaborate once more with the World Bank or other clients of similar calibre.

Our mission was to build a technically robust, secure, scalable, and adaptable platform that could easily accommodate the ever-changing needs of the market and our target audience. And guess what? We have succeeded 100 %.

What has been done?

  • Research and requirement building. It included a user flow definition (for both the website and DSP) for four user types based on stakeholder interviews and the current website and DSP analysis.
  • High fidelity prototype (for both website and DSP). We created a platform with easier navigation and improved user-friendliness.
  • Design concepts and design templates. That was applied for all inner pages seeking a new look and feel of user-friendliness.
  • Unique illustrations and animations.
  •  Development of the WordPress marketing website. This included a robust analytics tool to track website performance.
  • Development of WordPress DSP platform. We created log-in modules for three external user groups and one internal user group, enabling online-form-filling for the application to open calls, online co-application of innovators and adopters, online application assessment by evaluators, online process updates (notifications) to all users, results dashboard and reporting by various dimensions for internal users.

Project result:

So here we are today. TechEmerge is an award-winning program that encourages innovations that can help solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Our team has created the tool to manage that.

Currently (as of 09/20/2023), TechEmerge organization and our platform have helped to select 300+ innovators, match them with 135+ adopters, run 125+ pilot projects, and offered $8.5M+ funding to field test innovative technologies.