Optimizing user experience tracker for telecom leader to enhance consumer insights

The background:

Our client is a telecommunications company and network operator with a multinational presence spanning Nordic and Baltic countries. Although they were the market leader, they noticed that their primary competitor was narrowing the gap. 

To defend its position, the client decided to develop a strategy to become a top choice in customer satisfaction metrics, leveraging exemplary customer experience as a critical differentiator. And they approached us to help them achieve the goal.

The essence of the project:

The client’s tracker data showed that customers do not feel the difference between the experiences offered by category brands. That presented the company with new challenges, including the risk of commoditised services leading to price competition. 

To excel in customer experience and act fast, our client needed an advanced and streamlined monitoring system for customer experience. However, the analytics were based on multiple trackers with their timelines, making it difficult to monitor the situation and make timely decisions. Thus, the situation begged for an in-depth analysis and linking all trackers into one analytical system that would bring actionable insights. 

First, we streamlined the lengthy reports from various trackers into a unified and coherent system. We carefully reviewed the available data and applied advanced statistical analysis techniques to categorise information from the survey into relevant factors, uncover connections between variables, and identify the most influential factors.

Then, we established a standard reporting format and developed a user-friendly dashboard to monitor key indicators. We also documented the analytical model process, emphasising the essential variables to focus on and outlining the steps based on different scenarios. Furthermore, we recommended additional metrics that should be included in the future, considering the current limitations of the available dataset.

Services provided:

  • Streamlining lengthy reports from various trackers into a cohesive system.
  • Establishing a standard reporting format and developing a user-friendly dashboard to monitor key indicators.
  • Documenting the analytical model process and outlining steps for different scenarios
  • Providing recommendations on additional metrics to include in the future.
  • Developing a user-friendly and regularly updated Customer Experience (CX) tracker.

Project result:

The primary outcome of our efforts is the development of a user-friendly and regularly updated CX tracker. This tracker focuses on the most crucial indicators and provides a clear roadmap for action. 

By implementing this insight solution, our client can save valuable time and resources to improve the brand’s position in the market by elevating the customer experience.