Building a presence in social media for Lithuania’s top loyalty program Mylimiausia 



The background:

Mylimiausia (The Favorite) stands out as one of Lithuania’s most popular debit card loyalty programs. Fun fact: the bank issued more cards for this program than the actual number of residents in Lithuania. To put it in perspective, imagine every Lithuanian carrying 1.5 of these cards in their pockets, and you will get the picture.

Despite the program’s resounding success, our client was not completely satisfied regarding its social media presence. Our task was to spice up brand communication on Facebook and establish a fresh presence on Instagram from the ground up.

The essence of the project:

Mylimiausia consisted of five partners (SEB bank, Circle K, Senukai, Gintarinė vaistinė, and Čili), each offering a diverse array of products and services. While the program already had a presence on Facebook, it lacked a fresh approach. And that is when the fun began.

Our team spiced up the communication strategy on Facebook with a bit of humor, drawing inspiration from medieval and Renaissance art. The concept involved incorporating characters from renowned paintings spanning different classical art eras and gave the brand a distinctive look. We used timeless everyday situations with a historical vibe, contrasting them with advanced, user-friendly technology. The message was clear: “If a person from Rafael’s painting can enjoy the benefits of Mylimiausia loyalty points, so can you!”

Instagram demanded a different approach, so we focused on visual aesthetics, targeting younger women. We tailored a specific strategy designed to engage them through the question: “What is your favorite…?” We encouraged discussions, conducted polls, and invited users to share their favorite ice cream, superhero, song, etc. Our design team enhanced the message with a more minimalistic, cleaner, and softer visual style compared to Facebook. We consistently built a narrative that aligned with seasons, current events, and celebrations.

Services provided:

  • Creative concept for Facebook communication.
  • Integration of all partner brands into one communication, balancing alignment with Mylimiausia while maintaining each individual brand’s style and attributes.
  • Development of a strategy and visual concept for Instagram communication, with a focus on enhancing the brand’s image.
  • Active engagement of page followers in discussion, fostering their participation on Instagram.
  • Achieving a harmonious look for the page, designed so that each individual entry functions as a cohesive unit, and when users access their Mylimiausia account, all entries are visually interconnected.


The new Facebook communication strategy and creative direction resulted in a series of relatable, humorous, and visually appealing posts and campaigns. In 2020, this led to a substantial increase in the base of followers by 719 people, engagement levels, and brand recognition on social networks. More than 10 messages went viral over the course of a year.

Regarding Instagram, our most notable achievement was being recognized as a leading example of Instagram communication by other specialists in this field. Furthermore, over a span of more than 1.5 years, we successfully achieved user engagement rates that exceeded the industry average.