Fast and functional: helping Mercedes-Benz to develop a social media strategy to sell cars



The background:

VEHO is an official dealer for Mercedes-Benz in Lithuania and has already established a strong brand presence in the Lithuanian market with its stylish design and bold communication style. However, their used-car dealership, Mercedes-Benz Certified, struggled to stand out in the cacophony of social media. 

Given our strong existing relationship with the client, we were eager to get behind the wheel of this new challenge and help the client maximize car sales.

Aim of the project:

At first glance, it was obvious that Mercedes-Benz Certified lacked consistent, fast-paced, and performance-based communication on social media. The good news was Mercedes provided us with stunning visuals and videos showcasing their cars in cinematic backgrounds to use in advertisements.

Our ride began with the creation of a Facebook communication strategy for Mercedes-Benz Certified. We gave it a clear structure and made it consistent with their brand identity. Our next stop was to improve sales through social media advertising. To achieve that we decided to use an influencer campaign.  

We conducted research to identify possible candidates. Their values and public personas had to align with the Mercedes brand. We wanted individuals who were bold, passionate, respectful, disciplined, and had a good taste for humor. And we were very happy to attract popular internet personalities such as Mantas Bartuševičius, Ieva Mackevičienė, and others. 

We provided influencers with Mercedes-Benz cars intended for sale and asked them to take a test drive. Their task was to share an honest review on their Facebook profile. The only directive we gave them was to be as free and true to themselves as possible. And guess what? It really paid off.

Services provided:

  • Development of a social media communication strategy for both Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz Certified.
  • Research and selection of suitable influencers.
  • Execution of the influencer campaign.
  • Implementation of performance-based advertising.
  • Adaptation and localization of content.

Project result:

During the 10 months of our collaboration, the ads were shown 6.7M times on Mercedes-Benz’s Facebook channel, reaching 475K unique users, which represents 80% of the intended TA. Audience engagement grew by 30%, and the follower base increased by more than 1K. On Instagram, we reached 841K unique users, and the channel’s follower base increased by 1K. On LinkedIn, the follower base grew by 1,579 people.

The Mercedes-Benz Certified Facebook: Thanks to our advertising campaign, channel engagement grew from an organic reach of 36 to an average of 10K per month. Ads were shown 1.8M times, reaching 351K unique users, which is half of the intended audience.