How Ambio changed consumers’ perception of its products with a new approach to the brand identity


Gintarinė vaistinė

The background:

Gintarinė Vaistinė is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Lithuania. Ambio is its own locally-made vitamin and food supplement brand exclusively distributed through its pharmacies. Although it is a high-quality product with a competitive price tag, Ambio was just one more brand in the sea of competition. 

Gintarinė Vaistinė redesigned the packaging of the product line and did a good job, but sales were still low because consumers associated the brand with a low-quality vitamin line. Gintarinė Vaistinė needed help to change this perception and approached us to solve this issue.

Aim of the project:

It wasn’t easy because the client asked us to work on a modest budget. On the other hand, it was an exciting challenge to flex our creative muscles.

We started with a deep dive into the analysis of competition on social media: what subjects, topics, and visual language they used. We noticed that the visual advertising of most brands in this category looks almost identical and decided to create a visual identity for Ambio that would be visually appealing, reasonably not expensive to implement, strengthen the brand’s distinctiveness and create a unique visual language in the market.

After a few brainstorming sessions, we found a unique visual approach in this category. We decided to create lightly animated 3D objects that would always align with Ambio products and seasons of the year in their colours, shapes, and compositions.

Finally, we created a dedicated Ambio channel on Facebook that started to grow fast and helped the brand stand out in the saturated sea of vitamins and food supplements where hundreds of brands could not differentiate from each other.

Services provided:

  • Competition research in social media
  • Social media communication strategy
  • Communication concept
  • 3D visual design
  • Copywriting services
  • Social media management
  • Comment section management

Project result:

Since we launched the Ambio Facebook page, our reach peaked at 849.4K unique users, which accounts for 97% of the selected TA. The channel’s average engagement is about 10K unique users per month. According to Gintarinė Vaistinė’s internal surveys, customers have started looking for the Ambio brand more frequently, and now they ask specifically for it.

Ambio has made a significant re-entry onto physical store shelves and captured the hearts of its audience through a warm and relatable approach to social media communication.