A link between a company’s processes and digital environment is an essential part of any business today. We help clients with our consulting services to keep up with the current global trends by using fully all the advantages of Big Data and digitizing together with them their core products and processes. Our digital team is providing client data analytics, segmentation and pricing, digital strategy and transformation services, planning and requirements analysis, end-to-end journey redesign, user interface design, wireframing, web and mobile development, testing, implementation and support.

Our digital services cover:

Digital strategy and transformation
UX/UI, web and mobile development
Client data analytics, segmentation and pricing
Data-based pricing and targeting

Our digital services cover:

How we do it

A typical digital project starts from digital audit/dataset audit and analysis of current user journey and end-to-end interfaces. We have all the needed experience, know-how and infrastructure for fast and sophisticated data analysis and effective data visualization. After the analysis is complete, we provide an extensive list of recommendations and improvements and form a digital transformation strategy. We implement our recommendations and design and implement mobile and web projects with our dedicated team of designers and developers, or we monitor implementation by the clients’ own team.


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