How pharmacy chain Gintarinė Vaistinė raised engagement level in social media using bold content


Gintarinė Vaistinė

The background:

Gintarinė Vaistinė is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Lithuania. Although they have effectively spread their brand message “We love taking care of you” through traditional media channels, the situation on social media was quite different. Frankly, their SM was in disarray, with content quality significantly lacking behind. And although they owned a platform in all channels, most weren’t a true two-way street for communications.

Unfortunately, that was just a fraction of the problem. The Brand was getting old, younger women were becoming less and less likely to choose Gintarinė over competition.

Aim of the project:

Now it is no secret that Instagram is an amazing platform to talk to younger women, so we skipped wheel invention and started working on that. 

First things first, we wanted to understand what competition does in the field and in general – what are the most covered and most relevant topics in the current field in the Lithuanian language. 

What subjects are popular in the world, but not yet here? If we were lucky, could we identify a relevant topic that is still undercovered? 

You know where we are going with that, right? Exactly. 

In Lithuania, topics like knowledge and awareness of women’s health, mental health, and even advice on more subtle questions were rare to find. And wrongfully so!

Thus @KunasKalba (BodyWisdom) Instagram channel was established, dedicated exclusively to cover all the important questions that were left in the margins.

Services provided:

  • Communication strategy aimed at younger TA.
  • Creative concept for Instagram channel @kunaskalba.
  • Visual identity for all social media channels.
  • Constant content flow.
  • Monitoring performance.

Project result:

Our research and strategic changes in content and advertising have significantly impacted the growth of all three social media channels.

Over the course of three years of our successful partnership, Gintarinė Vaistinė’s follower count on Instagram increased by 369 %, on LinkedIn by 104 % times, and on Facebook by 11 %.