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Raising funds is often the limiting factor to scaling existing activity or launching a new project.  At CIVITTA, we help our clients to make their plans feasible by attracting necessary financing. We offer preparation of a business plan, investment pitch and mapping of investors for private sources and developing applications for public sources. Our clients receive support throughout the whole investment attraction and implementation of the funding process.

Our funding services cover:

National program funding
EU-level program funding
Debt financing attraction
M&A and equity investor attraction

Our funding services cover:

How we do it

We typically start a project with evaluation of client needs, choice of the most suitable financing mechanism and assessment of project eligibility. In case of EU program funding projects, we develop the scope, budget and timetable, perform partner search and design of a consortium, which results in a formal application including any additional documentation (e.g. business plan, cost-benefit analysis or feasibility study). In the case of equity investor attraction or debt financing, we work with clients until we help them raise needed funds.


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